Monday, 13 May 2013

Makeup to suit your eye colour

A question a find a lot of people asking is 'what eyeshadow colour will suit me'
Obviously there are a few things to take in to consideration when choosing eye makeup like skin tone, hair colour, outfit etc but one of the key ones is your eye colour.
I thought I would do a little post on which shadows to choose that will compliment your eye colour.

I have created some examples for you too, my eyes are brown so I have altered my eye colour in photoshop for the other colours to give you a clearer idea!

Blue eyes

To make your blue eyes pop you need to go for a complimentary colour. Try to steer clear of blue eyeshadows as they will compete with your eye colour. If you are going to use a blue eyeshadow, make sure it is a dark blue/navy. The darkness of the navy against blue eyes will make them stand out. 

Rich warm browns are an ideal colour for blue eyes, as well as soft peaches, taupe and dark greys. These colours will really contrast against your eyes and make the colour more intense. 

My favorite shadows for blue eyes:

Some others I recommend for blue eyes include: 
Handwritten, Amber Lights, Bronze, Contrast, Rule, Brown Down & Handwritten. 

What I used: 
Lid: Paintpot in Eclair
Crease:  Handwritten
Liner: Dipdown Fluidline
Coffee Eye Pencil


Brown eyes

Brown eyed girls are pretty lucky in that you can pull off pretty much any colour.  My favorite colour to use on brown eyes is purple. This colour really enhances the warm tones in your brown eyes.
A dark green or navy liner can also look fantastic on a brown eye, and it's an easy and wearable everyday look. 

My favorite shadows for brown eyes:

Some others I love include:
Vibrant Grape, Knight Divine, Tempting, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Cranberry, Nocturnelle & Club. 

What I used: 
Highlight: Jest
Lid: Vibrant grape
Crease: Sketch
Liner: Blacktrack Fluidline
Feline Eye Kohl


Green eyes

Avoid silver, blue or green eyeshadows if you have green eyes. These colours will over power your eye colour. 

Deep browns, gold or copper tones are stunning on green eyes. To really make your eye colour pop go for shades of purple and lilac. 

My favorite shadows for green eyes:

Other colours I like to use on Green eyes include:
Brown Down, Satin Taupe & Embark. 

What I used:
 Lid: Woodwinked
Crease: Satin Taupe
and Embark
Liner: Dipdown Fluidline
and Teddy Eye Kohl


Hazel eyes

Golden browns, warm taupe and deep purples will really pull out the green tones in your eyes. A navy eyeshadow would also look gorgeous on your eye colour. Colours with an orange undertone will make your eyes stand out. 

My favorite shadows for Hazel eyes:

Other colours that look great on Hazel eyes are:
Mulch, Coppering, Bronze, Rule, Orange, Shadowy Lady & Sketch

What I used: 
Lid: Sketch and Shadowy Lady
Crease: Orange
Liner: Bootblack Liquid liner
and Smoulder Eye Kohl

All eyeshadows and products by Mac Cosmetics

Hope this has been helpful!


  1. This post was really helpful! I've got blue eyes and need to get more use from my satin taupe! X

    1. So glad you found it helpful! Definitely, blue eyes look amazing with satin taupe! x

  2. This is so helpful, I hate the colour of my brown eyes so complimenting them with make-up will make me love them a little more!

    Kelly ||

    1. Definitely, I used to think my brown eyes were just boring but it's amazing what a bit of makeup can do lol! xx

  3. Eye colour is always a bit of a difficult one for me because I honesty can't decide whether mine are green or blue, they are quite strange!

    1. You could use purples to make them look more green or golds/browns/oranges to make them look more blue