Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Zombie Teeth Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I haven't done a blog post in sooo long but have been creating some scary makeup looks the last couple of weeks in preparation for Halloween and so I thought I'd share with you some of the tricks I have learnt along the way. 
One of my favourite and most requested looks at halloween is the Zombie. After finishing watching the walking dead a few months ago I am absolutely obsessed with Zombies now!! 
I love creating zombie makeup when the cheek is missing to reveal the teeth, but always find it very time consuming paint little teeth on to make them look realistic. 
I had a brain wave the other day to pre make the teeth using clear plastic false nails. I have tons of these at home so I tried it out and it worked so well. 
So here's how I did it 
First get your false nails and choose the size you want your teeth to be
Cut and/or file them down to look more like teeth .
I stuck the nail on to a pen so I could have better access to it and not be in fear of dropping it. This is also good when waiting for it to dry, you can just pop the pen with the nail on the top on to a cup and wait for it to dry before peeling it off. 
I used a nude nail varnish as a base (this was a nails inc one called basil street) and stippled the colour on to the nail with a sponge. 
I built up the colour using Ben Nye tooth colour but you could use darker coloured nail varnish if you don't have this. Again just layering it on in a stippling motion on to the nail with a sponge
That is pretty much it. 
All you have to do now is wait for it to dry and then apply to the face using eye lash glue or liquid latex. 

 Make sure you place the teeth in line with your actual teeth, to make sure it looks as realistic as possible. 
For the rest of this look I used Nose & Scar wax by Ben Nye, Liquid Latex,  Black  and Red chromaline by MAC and on top fake blood to make it extra gory!

Hope this helps give you some inspiration for your Halloween makeup this year.
I would love to see your finished results. 
Kerry xxxx

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