Monday, 29 July 2013

Depotting your MAC eyeshadows


This week I finally got around to depotting some of my single eyeshadows (that have been laying around forever) in to a lovely shiny new palette. Its so much easier having them all in one place. I have used a large 15 palette for these ones, but you can get x2 or x4 palettes too which are ideal for traveling! I have only used MAC eyeshadows for this technique, other eyeshadows may be slightly different in terms of packaging so double check before you try this with any other brand! You can also use the exact same technique with the MAC blushers! 

Here goes;

 Step One: Take your eyeshadow, using you scissors wedge the point gently in to the join between the top and bottom part of the eyeshadow casing as shown in the photo and pop the center casing out. 

Step Two: Take the inner part with the eyeshadow in and place it on to your straighteners. Leave there for 10 seconds and then take it off. Be sure not to leave it on for too long and the plastic will melt on to your straighteners. 

 Step Three: Once you have taken the eyeshadow off the straighteners you will need to take your scissors again and very gently prise the eyeshadow from the plastic casing. The heat from the straighteners will have melted the glue making it very easy to remove the eyeshadow.
Please note: You need to be VERY careful at this stage not to smash or damage your eyeshadow. Also be careful not to burn yourself as the plastic, metal casing and glue will be hot!

Step Four: Cut a small bit off of your magnetic tape and stick to the bottom of the eyeshadow. Then make sure you remember to label your eyeshadow with a sticker so you don't forget what colour it is.

Step Five: Now your eyeshadow is successfully depotted, all that is left to to is drop it in to your empty palette!

There are lots of other ways of depotting, but this one works for me the best! I would love to hear what worked for you. 

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  1. Great How To!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

  2. Ah i need to do this soon before i go to mac so i can back 2 mac them and i had no idea how to go about it!
    Thank you hunni, super helpful post as always! :)

    Latasha x | Today I Adore