Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer Makeup Bag

As much as I love the summer, one thing I do not love is the big sweaty mess that my face becomes after a few hours at work or in the heat. That's a hell of a lot of time wasted in  the morning doing my makeup for it to all have dripped off a couple of hours later! A lot of people would suggest just not wearing makeup, but for cosmetic lovers like you & me, why should we have to sacrifice wearing makeup just because its hot? So I have discovered a few solutions and miracle products to keep us looking fresh and made up all day long, whatever the weather.  So here goes...


Always use a primer! There are some great primers out there. Try and use one that has SPF in it too for some extra sun protection. 
A good primer will:
Smooth skins surface and even skintone
Make your foundation last longer
Reduce shine 
Help disguise blemishes and help your foundation/concealer blend more easily.

Swap heavy oil based foundations for  light weight, water resistant foundations which will stay on much longer for you. Try MAC Face & Body. (£27 120ml) It is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides natural coverage for the face and/or body. It is ideal for all skin types.  .
Other options are

If you feel like you may need more coverage (under eyes, blemishes etc) invest in a good quality water resistant concealer. I recommend Makeup forever Fullcover Concealer (£23.15) It is waterproof and extremely long lasting, even in the most extreme conditions. 
Remember less is more, a tiny dab of this under eyes and on any blemishes or uneven skin tone will be more than enough. 

Translucent blot powder or blotting films are a great way to keep shine at bay throughout the day. 
Stay away from any heavy foundation powders. A light weight oil absorbing powder is all you will need for a grease-free face. Blotting films are another great alternative as they allow you to banish shine from your t-zone without adding any extra makeup to your skin. These are a permanent fixture in my makeup bag in the summer months! 
MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder £20 (Available in pressed or Loose)

Bronzer is a must have for me in the summer months. Try using Too Faced 16 Hour Long-Wear Bronzer (£25) on cheekbones, temples and jaw line. This with give you a natural sun kissed glow! 


These are a must have all year round, but in the summer I couldn't live without them. They are a smudge and crease proof creamy formula that can be used on their own or as a primer under a powder eyeshadow. 
They come in a whole range of colours and are so simple to apply. I use MAC 217 blending brush and sweep across the lid. 
My favorite shade to use on their own are
Vintage Selection
Bare study
These are all gorgeous shimmery colours and make your eyes pop in a matter of seconds. 

If you are a fan of powder eyeshadows I would recommend using either Soft ochre, Painterly or Groundwork (depending on your skin tone) before you apply your powder eyeshadow. These with keep it put and stop it from creasing. 

Water proof eyeliner and mascara are an absolute staple for hot weather. 
I always opt for waterproof eye products as you know they will stay put all day with out smudging or running down your face! 

I recommend 


Wearing lipgloss in the sun can be your worst nightmare. Burnt lips are not a good look! So always wear a lipgloss with a SPF in it! 
Here are some examples:

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  1. Ah this was SUCH a helpful post! Thanks hunni! With the heatwave in the UK right now, my makeup has just been melting off and leaving me a little stuck, but i've picked up some great hints & tips now.

    Latasha x | Today I Adore

    1. Thanks so much for you comment, really glad it's helped you out!