Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Glam Crystals

I discovered these glitter liners after watching Pixiewoo's YouTube Tutorial on Leona Lewis makeup that she wore on her XFactor performance a little while back. (Watch the tutorial here )
Pixiewoo found the actual products Leona's makeup artist had used on her for the show, which included these glitter liners. 
They are from Collection 2000, and they are called 'Glam Crystals'! I just had to try them out, if they're good enough for Leona they're good enough for us ay? 
So anyway I went down to Superdrug to get my hands on these. They are just £2.99 and they really are great! Get them here

I bought 4 colours to try, 
Glitz 1 (Silver) 
Dancing Queen (Pink) 
Funk (Gold)
 Le Freak (Blue)

What I really like about these is that they are so easy to use, you can apply them straight to your eyelid lid from the wand, with no mess. Loose glitter pigments always end up everywhere no matter what you do, where as these are a lot simpler.
They do take a while to dry, so a little bit of sitting around with your eyes closed is involved, but in my opinion, its totally worth it! 

My absolute favorite is Glitz 1 (This happens to be the one used on Leona)
It is so pigmented, only one layer of glitter is needed for a opaque finish. 

So here is my version:

How I achieved this:

1. Apply Paint Pot in Painterly all over the lid
2. Using  217 blending brush, start by blending Wedge eye shadow in to the socket line. 
3. Build this up by adding a darker brown in to create more definition (I used Espresso)
4. Smudge the darker shadow on lower lash line and add Smolder eye kohl to waterline. 
5. Take your Glam crystal eyeliner in Glitz 1 and slowly and gently apply over lid. Making sure not to go past your crease. I found it easier to do this looking down, this way you wont smudge the glitter by blinking.
6. Make sure you wait a few seconds before adding another layer if necessary. (I only did one layer)
7. Using Blacktrack Fluid line and 210 liner brush, create your liner. (Refer to earlier post if you need a hand with that)
8. Lastly apply your mascara or false lashes. 
(All other products by MAC. Glam Crystal liner by Collection 2000)


My second fave is Dancing Queen
This one I did need to build up, but after a couple of coats the finish was just how I wanted! 

So here's how I created this one:

1. Apply Paint pot in Painterly over lid.
2. Using Blacktrack liner, draw a line in your crease. Blend this upwards. 
3. Use Shadowy Lady eye shadow  continue to blend out the socket line. (It should gently fade out to the brow bone. I used Stars and Rockets eye shadow to blend this out.)
4. Take your Dancing Queen glitter liner and gently paint this over your eyelid. Do one coat, wait a minute or so for it to dry, and then repeat. 
5. Use your Blacktrack Fluidline again to create the liner. The flick of the liner should meet the flick in the cut crease. 
6. Take the liner to the bottom lash line as well and smudge in.
7. Apply Mascara or Lashes. 
(All other products used are by MAC. Dancing Queen Liner by Collection 2000)

The Gold Glitter (Funk) didn't have quite the same effect for me. It was hard to build up, I think you would definitely need to have a gold shadow underneath because without that too much skin shows through.
I haven't got around to creating a look for the blue one (Le Freak) yet. Its not a colour I would usually wear. I think I will need to experiment a little bit with that one! . Any ideas would be appreciated!


  1. These were the glitter eye liners vicky said looked amazing - they really do! Just shows glitter isn't just for little girls :P
    Love your blog so far Kerry, everything comes across great! Keep it up!

    Love you xxx

    1. Yeahh I think these were what she was talking about! Thanks so much holly and for all your help! Love you too xxxxx

  2. Im actually looking for a good glitter eyeshadow to create a similar look but these look just as good and good price :)

    1. They are great and better than glitter eyeshadows because you down get any fallout down your face lol!

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