Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Handbag Handys

These two little gems are part of my most vital handbag essentials.

As a makeup artist it is so important that I keep my hands clean and germ free at all times. I always have a hand sanitiser in my handbag but this soap and glory one is my new favorite. Its the perfect size to put in your bag/car/pocket and it smells loooovely! Beautiful floral fruity smell that lasts for ages! What more could you want, clean AND good smelling hands. 

My hands do tend to get a little dry and I always like to have a little tube of this stuff handy (no pun intended) This is also Soap & Glory and has the same gorgeous fruity floral scent. Its non-greasy which is perfect for me cause I hate the feeling of sticky slippery hands. I'm butter fingers enough with out any added help thank you very much. It absorbs quickly in to the skin, eliminates any dryness and leaves hands feeling smooth, moisturised and smelling beautiful. 

More handbag essentials coming soon!

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