Sunday, 21 April 2013

Storage Solution

I have been searching for ages to find a stylish and practical way to store my personal makeup. I keep most of my makeup kit in clear makeup bags nicely organised and in my travel suitcase so I can easily transport it for jobs.  But my own everyday makeup somehow got neglected and ended up in a (very messy) drawer. I wanted to display it some how so it would be more organised and wouldn't get damaged.
I had seen on YouTube a few different people showing their makeup collection, and these clear acrylic draws had popped up a lot. I did a little research and found out where I could get my hands on some! I found my answer at MUJI!
I firstly bought a couple of the 2 drawer ones just to see what they were like. I loved them! They look great on my dressing table and they keep my makeup organised. 
I got one that has a flip top lid which is great to stand products that's are too big to fit in the drawers like foundations, moisturizers etc. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was is although the draw looks fairly deep, you can only fit one layer of blushes/eyeshadows etc. The eyeshadows only fit in laying down flat as apposed to having them on their side which would mean you could fit so many more in
I have 4 of the 2 draw boxes stacked up. The top one has a flip lid so I can fit some other bits neatly in there. I mostly keep my powders in these drawers, I also have some of my loose blushers and eyeshadows in the bottom drawers as well as my paintpots and fluidlines
I decided to try the 5 drawer one too. I like this one even more! It has slimmer draws which I think looks a lot neater. 
It fits mostly everything I want in to it, but as the drawers are narrower so some of my products don't fit in these drawers (like the paintpots)
I mostly keep lip glosses and eyeliners in these draws. They fit perfectly and are nicely displayed so I don't have to rummage through trying to find one to wear. I also keep some of my unused products, tester pots and eyeshadow/lip palettes in these drawers too.
I also got a smaller holder which I keep my lip/eye pencils and lipsticks in.
You can buy these and many other storage boxes from MujiI definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for a new way to store their makeup. They are reasonably priced and are great quality!
Happy Shopping


  1. This is such a fab way to store things especially as you can see everything xx

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Thanks very much!

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    Anyway, I love your blog! We should keep in touch! Followed ya.

  4. You have so much make-up :O I really want to try some of these very nice storage xx
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    1. You should do they are great and look cute too!

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    1. Hi Gabriella!
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  6. I love these, will have to check out the site :)

    Nyss x